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Archiving artifacts fails, but build step is shown with a green dot


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    • Jenkins 2.73.2
      workflow-basic-steps 2.6

      I use the archiveArtifact step in my Jenkinsfile, and even though it failed with the below messages in the console, the "Pipeline Steps" view showed a green ball for the archive artifact step, which made the error very hard to track down.

      [Pipeline] [ios] stage
      [Pipeline] [ios] { (Archive artifacts iOS64)
      [Pipeline] [ios] step
      16:10:28 [ios] Archiving artifacts
      16:10:28 [ios] ERROR: No artifacts found that match the file pattern "build/CVIE*". Configuration error?
      16:10:28 [ios] ERROR: ‘build/CVIE*’ doesn’t match anything because it is treated case sensitively. You can deactivate case sensitivity to get matches
      16:10:28 [ios] [Pipeline] [ios] }
      [Pipeline] [ios] // stage
      [Pipeline] [ios] }

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