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Allow to add additional items to multibranch pipeline jobs


      I automatically create multibranch pipeline Jobs using the job DSL for every module that is developed.

      On module has many different test configurations which I want to execute in separate test pipelines. So let's say we have a branch 0.1 for that module in our SCM:


      There is a Jenkinsfile at this URL

      The branches-folder is scanned by the multibranch pipeline project. We are able to create a job for the branch 0.1 because we can find the Jenkinsfile there

      The Jenkinsfile contains a job DSL which should create multiple test jobs for the branch which it belongs to. These jobs should either occur next to the 0.1 job. It should look like this (manually created from an existing view with my browser's "inspect code" functionality)


      Another option would be to have a subfolder for the 0.1 branch which then contains a job that executes the pipeline in the Jenkinsfile. When the Jenkinsfile, which has the job DSL script, is executed the first time, the test jobs can be placed into that "0.1" folder, too

      So basically, what is needed is the possibility to add further items (like freestyle jobs or regular pipeline jobs, folders) to a multibranch pipeline job.

      So what I would want to have, too is the "New Item" link on the left hand navigation bar.

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