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Can not spin up JNLP agent on Amazon ECS



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      amazon-ecs: 1.11


      I tried following the instructions for spinning up Jenkins on an EC2 instance, using ECS for the slaves.  I have created a cloud, and have two types of templates created: both JNLP Docker images, one the default Jenkins, and the other the CloudBees.  They both behave the same.


      My AWS security settings allow all TCP traffic between the EC2 instance and the ECS cluster.


      I have created a job, that just does 'hostname'.  When I run the job, I see the Build Executor Status box show no slave exists, then slave exists offline, then nothing.  I see in the ECS log the work of pulling the Docker image, etcetera.  There appears to be some issue receiving stats, and it looks like it then shuts down the instance.  After all of that logging, I then see a message in the Docker log about no such container.


      When I go into the offline agent, and try to configure it, I get a stack trace; I'm guessing this is an unrelated defect, but, am mentioning here for compleatness.


      I have attached a screenshot of my Cloud configuration, the ECS log, the docker log, and the stack trace.  As I am new to AWS, I do not know what else to try or to look at. I have tried deleting the ECS cluster and creating a new one, and the same thing happens.


      I'd really appreciate pointers on getting this working.




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