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Not able to view all change sets in blue ocean pipeline


    • Blue Ocean 1.2, Blue Ocean 1.3, Blue Ocean - Candidates

      After upgrading the Blue Ocean plugin and dependencies from 1.0.0-rc2, we are not able to see all the changes that went into a given build. Inside the dashboard view we can see the first change, then it will say x amount more changes, but it will not list them. In the activity view if we click on that build and go to Changes, it still only shows one change set, even though there were more changes.


      Note, I am using a declaritive pipeline with multiple scm sources. Job 264 pulled from RTC and Git Hub Enterprise on you can see that even though it says 2 commits, there is only one change shown in the activity view:


      However in job 265 it pulled from git hub enterprise only and it listed both changes:

      I tried upgrading the team concert pluggin for RTC, but issue still remains.

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