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Dependency configuration between matrix projects not working properly


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      I create a project A with one axis called 'platform' and one value p1.
      I then add a project B with the same 'platform' axis and value p1.
      I would like to build B whenever A has been built, regardless of the axis involved.

      The straightforward approaches don't work :
      . adding A in "Build after other projects are built" for B seems valid but after
      saving and coming back to the configuration page the text box is empty
      . adding B in "Build other projects" for A does the exact same thing
      And of course neither B appears as a downstream project on A page, nor the opposite.

      Now if I add A/platform=p1 in "Build after other projects are built" for B then
      A (and not A/platform=p1) appears as an upstream project on B project page.
      When I go back to B configuration page however the "Build after other projects
      are built" field displays A (and not A/platform=p1) and then saving the page
      yields to the removal of the dependency...

      Thanks !

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