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Allow to use other Pre-Post build action in RTC Build build style jobs


      We use RTC today for SCM and Build purpose for IBMi developement. we want to go to Jenkins Build to unify out build with all platform. I implemented Team concert plug'ins and was able to make it work until a certain point :

      • the SCM Plug'in is managing a Local Workspace but does not allow to find only what was change (it is required to efficiently build on IBMi. today we must use particular pre-buid RTC Build definition features like IBMi conituous load) and 
      • we are not able to launch post buid processes (not Post build deliver, but some other post build processes that today use JBE on IBMi)

      it is possible to have the Jenkins Plug'in to Launch a Real RTC Build definition with all what is defined in it (in my example this run on IBMi platform, do the load off local Delta Workspace, run Specific post build processes)

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