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Blue Ocean still showing Shared Library commit message instead of job's in version 1.1.7


    • Blue Ocean 1.4 - beta 3

      In the -------JENKINS-44265------- has been mentioned that this bug has been fixed in Blue Ocean 1.1. However, in the 1.1.7 still have this problem.

      Attached screenshot "activity" shows message. That message is in fact the version of the Jenkins Shared Library that was used during that build. 

      Screenshot "changes" shows two changes .The first commit is correct.The second commit is in fact the version of the Jenkins Shared Library.

      I saw an error that is "ERROR: Could not determine exact tip revision of develop; falling back to nondeterministic checkoutChecking out git https://xxx.xxx/xx.git into /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/delivery-sample_develop-YLK5FFVDFEEPDBKLFRJOGEEVJ4W4T3QUIKNQFOYGPM2XHRHRYOAQ@script to read Jenkinsfile" in Console Output.

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