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blue ocean currentBuild.displayName should show in RUN column in place of number


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    • blueocean-plugin
    • 1.2.0
      · Core 2.60.3
      · 4d42c87
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      · 22nd August 2017 11:28 PM
    • Blue Ocean 1.3

      tldr: Blue ocean should use the displayName if one is there, instead of build number (like the classic screen shot). The URIs are unchanged, just what is displayed in the column. 


      ------ original: ------


      -JENKINS-39850- claims that currentBuild.displayName is honored in blue ocean as of now, but it is not consistent.  The following script:


      node {
        stage('start') {
          currentBuild.displayName = "foo.$BUILD_NUMBER"
          currentBuild.description = "foo.$BUILD_NUMBER - desc"
          echo 'Hello World'

      Produces the attached screenshots on our system.


      Expected Behavior:

      The activity screen should show displayName in the RUN column.  JENKINS-39850 shows screenshots that show that to be the case.

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