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Jenkins slave agent cannot be run as a service



    • Type: Bug
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      Jenkins v2.77 on Windows 7 with Oracle Java jre 1.8.0_144
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      I just upgraded to Jenkins 2.77 on our Windows 7 VM. I have a Jenkins slave agent installed on another windows 7 VM. When I upgraded, the Jenkins web config UI also prompted me to disable 2 deprecated jnlp-2 protocols.However, now it is not possible to start the slave agent from a Windows service. I have to start it by clicking the Launch button in the Jenkins web UI.

      After I launched the slave from the web UI, I selected the option in the Java window to install the slave agent as a service. However, when I try to start the slave agent from the service, it says it's started but the Jenkins web UI indicates that it is not started.

      I've tried running the slave agent launch command from the command line, by using the command given in the Jenkins UI, and I got the errors indicated in the attached screenshot, relating to jnlp-2 protocol connect errors.  So there's a mismatch somewhere, if that command is still looking for the jnlp-2 protocol.

      I've also attached the slave.exe file.



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