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DropDown is loosing focus on selection of an option


    • Blue Ocean 1.4 - beta 1, Blue Ocean 1.4 - beta 3, Blue Ocean 1.4 - beta 2, Blue Ocean 1.5 - beta 1

      Update: I just tested with firefox and chrome and the loose the focus in showing there as well.

      When using IE and selecting DropDown options with select it is not possible to focus the next element in the tabIndex since the focus got lost.

      Steps to reproduce:
      Either http://jenkinsci.github.io/jenkins-design-language/docs (someone may want to update the docs and maybe correct the url where deployed (linked to ) or in your local jdl storybook.

      You may need to "patch" IE and add in css height=800px to dislay div otherwise you see a too small box.

      • search for Dropdown
      • press ENTER on the selection button
      • when the selection list comes, press ENTER on any given option
      • the result is that you cannot focus the next element anymore. IE has "ADD" and lost focus

        When you use "document.activeElement" on the storybook page the iframe should be the result and in a jenkins instance NULL is the result.

        Further ESC and TAB as well are loosing focus.

      In our project I had a similar problem where IE gave focus on a element that did not exist anymore and therefore uses NULL

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