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Absolutely atrocious user lookup performance when many legacy users


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    • core 2.60.x, Git plugin, and user viewing changesets when a lot of users exist.

      The performance of user lookup when many users with legacy config files exist has been identified as the cause of a master's CPU usage spiking to the point of unresponsiveness. 

      Stack trace:

      at java.io.UnixFileSystem.getBooleanAttributes0(Native Method)
      at java.io.UnixFileSystem.getBooleanAttributes(UnixFileSystem.java:242)
      at java.io.File.isFile(File.java:882)
      at hudson.model.User$3.accept(User.java:697)
      at java.io.File.listFiles(File.java:1291)
      at hudson.model.User.getLegacyConfigFilesFor(User.java:694)
      at hudson.model.User.getOrCreate(User.java:437)
      at hudson.model.User.getById(User.java:535)
      at hudson.model.User$UserIDCanonicalIdResolver.resolveCanonicalId(User.java:1086)
      at hudson.model.User.get(User.java:405)
      at hudson.model.User.get(User.java:374)
      at hudson.plugins.git.GitChangeSet.findOrCreateUser(GitChangeSet.java:379)
      at hudson.plugins.git.GitChangeSet.getAuthor(GitChangeSet.java:448)

      The root cause of the problem is that for every user we're doing an O(n) scan through the directories in that folder looking for legacy user config files:

       private static final File[] getLegacyConfigFilesFor(final String id) {
              return getRootDir().listFiles(new FileFilter() {
                  public boolean accept(File pathname) {
                      return pathname.isDirectory() && new File(pathname, "config.xml").isFile() && idStrategy().equals(
                              pathname.getName(), id);

      Code here: https://github.com/jenkinsci/jenkins/blob/2d2101215dc39dfcb03279e3cb8898b8b9e5bc5f/core/src/main/java/hudson/model/User.java#L680

      The likely best fix is either to be able to check for a single file (if case sensitive mode is on) or to cache the list of entries in that folder so we don't need to do a listFiles and linear-time scan through all entries with a FileFilter.

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