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Memory consumption is huge



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      A couple of weeks after we started using the sloccount plugin our hudson started
      to crash due to out of memory exceptions. This seems to happen due to a very
      high number of instances of hudson.plugins.sloccount.model.File
      It do seem that we get one such instance per file, per build, per job.

      Secondly our build.xml files (per build, per job) have grown a lot.

      We dont uses / needs the ability to browse the size of individual files.
      Would it be possibel to have the sloccount plugin configurable, so only the
      SLOCCountTrend graph and the delta information on the build page was available
      This corresponds to the amount of information available at the 'Languages' tab
      on the 'SLOCCount Results' page

      Alternatively the plugin could read the detailed info from the sloccount.sc file
      if a user clicked the files or folder tabs. (Lazy reading)
      That would ofcourse require that the sloccount.sc was kept in the builds folder
      as the violations plugin does with the violations.xml file


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