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Warning log spam "[hudson.tasks.junit.CaseResult getRun] In getOwner(), suiteResult.getParent() is null."


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      After upgrading Jenkins plugins (presumably irrelevant durable-task => 1.16): junit 1.21 => 1.22.1

      ***@***:~$ grep "In getOwner" /var/log/jenkins/jenkins.log
      2017-11-15 10:54:05 WARNING [hudson.tasks.junit.CaseResult getRun]   In getOwner(), suiteResult.getParent() is null.
      ***@***:~$ grep "In getOwner" /var/log/jenkins/jenkins.log | wc -l


      Actually I had hoped to benefit from JENKINS-27395 (due to having two different stages using the junit step for recording the test results), but in fact everything looks like before, except the new excessive warning log spam. Since the number of tests is in fact 678, I am also wondering about the number of 820 logs.

      The junit step is called like this: junit(keepLongStdio: true, testResults: phpUnitXmlFilename); as aforementioned in two different stages for different XML Files, each one stemming from PHPUnit 6.4.3

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