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Update center shows no updates/available plugins after upgrade to 1.333


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      My config: Hudson 1.333 (was 1.328) running under Winstone, WinXP Pro SP3
      master, 3 linux slaves, 13 total executors YEAH.

      Multiple people including myself have found a problem with the update center
      after upgrading to 1.333. In each case, there are no updates or available
      plugins shown.

      If you go to the advanced tab and try to reload with "Check now", in my case it
      just sits on the "Checking Updates..." screen. But, immediately in the out logs
      you get errors like what I have pasted below. Others have reported similar stack
      traces, though the json error doesn't occur at the same character every time.

      I tried deleting the update-center.json file to no avail. It is not recreated
      after I do the "Check now" feature, though the time last updated itself seems to

      My log output.. seems to indicate a massive query string coming into winstone.
      Could be hitting the limit for query string of a GET request. If you take just
      the query string snippet it complains about in the first log statement, it is
      4097 characters. May be hitting the magic number. I'm using Firefox 3.5 and I
      think its limit on the query string is 4k. It used to be anyway. Could also be
      WinStone's limit.

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