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/restart says Hudson cannot be restarted, but gives no reason


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      Hudson 1.328. One of our installations is supposed to be running as a Solaris
      service. No "Restart" button is offered after doing upgrades, and
      http://bertram.netbeans.org/hudson/restart just says

      "Error - Restart is not supported in this running mode."

      Perhaps something about how it was launched prevents restarting from working,
      but what? The admin UI gives no clue as to what the problem is or how it might
      be corrected. I think if Lifecycle.canRestart returns false, there should also
      be a companion method giving a localized explanation of the problem, to be
      displayed on /restart and also places where restart would be offered as an
      option. If UnixLifecycle.<init> caught an error from JavaVMArguments.current(),
      what was it? etc.

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