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Huge disk read load because of the progress log


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    • zap-plugin
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    • zap plugin 1.1.0
      zaproxy 2.7.0 (with HSQL DB)
      jenkins 2.89.3
      ubuntu 14.04

      ZAP plugin displays some progress information during execution of the analysis, with messages like this, every 5 seconds:

       [ZAP Jenkins Plugin] ACTIVE SCAN STATUS [ 88% ]
       [ZAP Jenkins Plugin] ALERTS COUNT [ 38 ]
       [ZAP Jenkins Plugin] MESSAGES COUNT [ 25749 ]

      The "MESSAGES COUNT" comes from a call to the "/core/view/numberOfMessages" zaproxy API:


      This API seems to be implemented by iterating over all the messages currently present in the database, using a "CounterProcessor":

      ] https://github.com/zaproxy/zaproxy/blob/2.7.0/src/org/zaproxy/zap/extension/api/CoreAPI.java#L1575

      When the HSQL DB gets big enough (when relevant data don't fit in the memory cache anymore, I assume), this naive implementation actually becomes a huge performance issue. I've monitored the zaproxy process with "iotop", and on my test case it shows ~8GB disk read during the job execution (for ~750MB disk write, and a final database size of ~1.2GB on disk).

      Here is now the same example log lines as above, with their actual timestamps (from timestamper plugin):

       00:22:10.302 [ZAP Jenkins Plugin] ACTIVE SCAN STATUS [ 88% ]
       00:22:10.433 [ZAP Jenkins Plugin] ALERTS COUNT [ 38 ]
       00:23:00.887 [ZAP Jenkins Plugin] MESSAGES COUNT [ 25749 ]

      See the 50 seconds gap between two messages?

      I have rebuilt it without the "MESSAGES COUNT" messages and without the "numberOfMessages" API calls, and:

      • my test case job executes faster (average of ~20 minutes instead of ~28 minutes)
      • the disk read load has reduced a lot (~1GB instead of ~8GB - the remaining read load appears at the very end of the job execution, during zaproxy shutdown, when it deletes its temporary data from the DB, but that's a different story)

      A few words of context: I'm managing many (400+) Jenkins instances on a private cloud, with ~1000 VM. Last month, a single Jenkins slave attached to a project which started using ZAP plugin have been responsible for ~25% of the disk I/O of the whole platform. That's why I've looked into this a bit closer...

      I will make a PR for removing these "MESSAGES COUNT" logs in the plugin.  Although this issue is, in the end, caused by a zaproxy bug, I really think your plugin should avoid hitting it so hard (also, because your plugin doesn't require a specific zaproxy version, any hypothetical fix on the zaproxy side could actually take quite some time to get effective).  

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