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CASC_JENKINS_CONFIG environment variable is not used anymore


    • Evergreen - Milestone 1

      Seems like a recent commit broke the usage of the CASC_JENKINS_CONFIG environment variable to point to the CasC configuration file.

      I found it out by updating to latest master of CasC in evergreen. It will be blocking us as long as we use latest tip of master.

      I bisected the issue:

      $ git bisect log
      git bisect start 
      # good: [987b55ffdf7e7468ac9b739e5d7bee6129cfa7fc] [maven-release-plugin] prepare release configuration-as-code-0.4-a
      git bisect good 987b55ffdf7e7468ac9b739e5d7bee6129cfa7fc 
      # bad: [882d85351b045a33de7b91cf9cc5137d940a3626] Fix compilation error 
      git bisect bad 882d85351b045a33de7b91cf9cc5137d940a3626 
      # good: [8921814751e0465ba31b853b9adec18bb557f0ff] [maven-release-plugin] prepare release configuration-as-code-0.5-a
      git bisect good 8921814751e0465ba31b853b9adec18bb557f0ff 
      # good: [4995ef13dc106f77bb121bcbaf25bd32157f68e3] integrations are not root elements 
      git bisect good 4995ef13dc106f77bb121bcbaf25bd32157f68e3 
      # skip: [bdf0f0f47fea6d7641fc9741113ac4293409fee7] merge yaml trees before applying configuration #184 
      git bisect skip bdf0f0f47fea6d7641fc9741113ac4293409fee7 
      # skip: [18f91bdca9f96c72300f57e459c183796725251e] use the same merge sample as reported in issue 
      git bisect skip 18f91bdca9f96c72300f57e459c183796725251e 
      # good: [2b45fd6392aba3f80eb805b437073064bc9cb1b7] improve attribute type safety and get/set while writing custom con
      git bisect good 2b45fd6392aba3f80eb805b437073064bc9cb1b7 
      # only skipped commits left to test 
      # possible first bad commit: [882d85351b045a33de7b91cf9cc5137d940a3626] Fix compilation error 
      # possible first bad commit: [18f91bdca9f96c72300f57e459c183796725251e] use the same merge sample as reported in issu
      # possible first bad commit: [bdf0f0f47fea6d7641fc9741113ac4293409fee7] merge yaml trees before applying configuratio
      n #184

      cc ndeloof I think.

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