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Editor steps need data tags, or similar, to allow for easier targeting from ATH


      Steps in the sheet shown for a particular pipeline stage can be changed, reordered by dragging, or even deleted. In order to write automated tests for this, we should have selectors available which more easily distinguish one step from another.

      As of today, there are no editor ATH tests for:

      • Deleting steps within a stage
      • Modifying an existing step
      • Dragging steps to reorder them
        When investigating how to do this, I discovered that these steps all have identical class names, which makes it tricky to distinguish them in a test.

      For example, take this Pipeline, which is showing a stage that contains two Shell Script steps:

      These two steps are not easily distinguished from each other from within an ATH test. Both have the editor-step-title class name:

      Similarly, their drag-and-drop targets have identical names:

      It would be very helpful to have a way to differentiate the steps of a stage from within an ATH test.

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