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Multi Architecture Docker image


      Jenkins Docker image available currently jenkins/jenkins:lts isn't multi architecture. 
      On x86 it works perfectly well but on platforms like s390x , ppc64 it isn't supported.

      Can we make the jenkins image multi-arch ? What would it take to add Docker image support for s390x ?

      Current Problem:

      docker run --name jenkins_s390x -P jenkins/jenkins:lts
       standard_init_linux.go:185: exec user process caused "exec format error" 

      However, if i clone jenkinsci/docker and then do a "docker build " and run , it works fine (check attachment for the same).
      So we will need a mechanism to run the docker build on the platform and then push the image to the repository.

       Refer to conversations and progress reports in the Platform Special Interest Group where s390x progress is regularly being reported. One or more pull requests are in progress, along with hardware provided to the Jenkins project for connection to ci.jenkins.io.

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