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Authentication needed while monitoring the run state (requires investigation)


      • We could try to authenticate once again when the failure below occurs (three strikes).
      • The job should be turned to failed if login back is not successful.

      logs showing an authentication failure during test status monitoring:


      Executing Load Test:
      Test ID: 2418
      Test Instance ID: 895
      Timeslot Duration: 5:30(h:mm)
      Post Run Action: Collate and Analyze
      Use VUDS: false

      Run started (TestID: 2418, RunID: 8166, TimeslotID: 11182)

      Set HP_RUN_ID Env Variable to 8166
      RunID: 8166 - State = Initializing
      RunID: 8166 - State = Running
      Error: executeRequest exception: HTTP/1.1 401 Authentication needed
      Error: Run could not start!
      executeRequest exception: HTTP/1.1 401 Authentication needed
      Logout failed
      Empty Results
      Result Status (PC RunID: 8166): UNSTABLE

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