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Adopting "push" rather than "pull" model for claim


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      The current claim model adopts pull model, in the sense that it relies on someone to claim the failed build. This requires a proactive team member to work well.

      a suggestion is to support "push" model, so that when a build fails it is automatically assigned to a default assignee, which shall be visible on the dashboard, then he/she will be urged to assign it to the real owner, which will then be urged to fix it ASAP.

      In case the owner made the fix in his code, but the problem persist due to another owner code dependency for example, he/she can reassign it to the designated owner, until the build succeed.

      This makes it sort of "Blame" instead of "Claim". Another feature request was opened before this one (JENKINS-5308) but then I was redirected to Claim.

      Please let me know whether this is possible to handle in the current plugin, or should it be a separate one.

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