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Newbie Issues - Warnings Next Generation Plugin


    • Warnings Plugin - Newbie Issues

      There are a lot of simple to fix issues in the Warnings Next Generation Plugin. Most of these issues just require some small changes and are labeled with newbie friendly. These issues will be fixed in the course "Testing of enterprise applications" at the University of Applied Sciences Munich in this summer semester.

      In order to fix such an issue, please install the development environment and follow these steps:

      1. Fork the repository (warnings-ng or analysis-model)
      2. Create a new branch
      3. Write a new test that exposes the bug (test is red)
      4. Fix the bug (test is green)
      5. Commit the changes and push them to your forked repository
      6. Create a pull request (PR)
      7. Wait for the CI to check the PR
      8. Fix any reported problems and push your changes again (no need to create a new PR)
      9. Wait for a review of your PR
      10. Fix comments and push your changes again
      11. Wait for the changes to be integrated
      12. Delete your branch

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