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Micro Focus Application Automation Tools - Build log incorrect for multiple test instances of the same test.


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      I'm having a reporting issue with the Jenkins plug-in for QC. I opened a bug in the Jira for their plug-in but no one has looked at it. Can you assist and discuss with Micro Focus if needed? I downgraded to 5.6.2 from 5.7 because of another issue "length cannot be zero". I've attached the build log that has the error. I have a test case in a test set 9 times. The point is that I need to run the test on 9 PCs. The error in the build log shows the 9th PC repeatedly and it should show 1,2,3,4..9. See attached files.

      To clarify, the Jenkins job is running three Test Sets. Each Test Set has one test to run on 9 PCs. The build log should show 27 test instances consisting of 3 (1-9) tests. The report should have 3 test instances of (1), (2), (3), .... (9). Instead, there are 27 instances of (9).

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