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error-prone is not detected from maven output


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    • Jenkins 2.164.2
      Timestamper 1.9
      Analysis Model API 4.0.0
      Warnings Next Generation 4.0.0

      Recording issues does not work when error-prone runs inside maven-compiler plugin as annotation processor.
      The jenkins pipeline has timestamps() enabled.
      The regex in the ErrorProneParser seems to not handle the beginning timestamp correctly.

      [2019-04-16T09:29:40.750Z] [WARNING] /home/jenkins/agent/workspace/foo-LNIQFX2MPV6ZGR5CTITA5LEODX3TWO5RMXWMXZUVYVDVM33E6B6Q@2/bar/src/main/java/XXX.java:[69,18] [EqualsGetClass] Overriding Object#equals in a non-final class by using getClass rather than instanceof breaks substitutability of subclasses.
      11:29:40      (see https://errorprone.info/bugpattern/EqualsGetClass)
      11:29:40    Did you mean to remove this line?
      [2019-04-16T09:29:40.750Z] [WARNING] /home/jenkins/agent/workspace/foo-LNIQFX2MPV6ZGR5CTITA5LEODX3TWO5RMXWMXZUVYVDVM33E6B6Q@2/bar/src/main/java/XXY.java:[28,14] [MissingOverride] getSize implements method in AbstractFoo; expected @Override
      11:29:40      (see https://errorprone.info/bugpattern/MissingOverride)

            drulli Ulli Hafner
            reitzmichnicht Michael Düsterhus
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