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Add tags discovery to Blueocean dashboard


    • GSoC 2019. Coding Phase 3

      This is a feature request that allow Tags discovery in the Blueocean Dashboard. Presently for pipeline and multibranch pipeline jobs only branches and PRs are discovered. It is needed to add a tags tag to blueocean dashboard which in connects with the other BO plugins to get the tags discovered in the repository (this is the challenging part of the project). Jenkins classic allows tags discovery.

      Some partial implementation can be found here:


      The above PR has the backend code to discover tags using the scm api inside the pipeline rest api. There is need to connect it with the front end. Some front end implementation is also partially done. Somebody with React experience can take a look at it.

      Install BO plugin using:

      `mvn clean install -DskipTests -Denforcer.skip=true`

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