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RTC build property names: Underscore chars "swallowed"


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    • teamconcert-plugin
    • - Jenkins version: 2.107.3
      - "Team Concert" plugin version:
      - Actual builds running on Windows 7 virtual machines (dynamically created clones of a snapshot) using Ant version 1.8.2

      I have a number of build properties defined in the RTC build definition (Hudson/Jenkins type). The name of many of these build properties contain underscore "_" characters (the name of the properties themselves, not their values).

      On Jenkins side, I try to access these build properties through the Windows environment variables (by copying them to Ant properties using the Ant task "<property environment="env", .../>). I can "see" all RTC build properties in Ant, but the underscore characters of every RTC build property name are gone!

      Example: An RTC build property with the name "property_name_with_underscores" will appear as a Windows environment variable in the Jenkins job as "propertynamewithunderscores".

      Is this a bug or intended behaviour? If the former: (When) can/will it be fixed? If the latter: Why, how does this make sense?

      See also my related post in Wiki: https://wiki.jenkins.io/display/JENKINS/Team+Concert+Plugin?focusedCommentId=172917031#comment-172917031

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