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Refactor the remaining Extension points inside "promoted_builds.conditions" and also refactor those inside the "promoted_builds.integrations.jobdsl" package


    • GSoC 2019. Coding Phase 1, GSoC 2019. Coding Phase 2, GSoC 2019. Coding Phase 3

      • Other remaining extension points inside the promoted_builds.conditions package is to be refactored. Those include:
        1) ParameterizedSelfPromotionCondition
        2) GroovyCondition
        This also includes other DescriptorImp and RunListeners of the above classes.
      • Extension Points inside the promoted_builds.integrations.jobdsl package also would be needing the same changes as above. These extension points include the following classes.
        1) JobDslManualCondition
        2) ReleasePromotionCondition

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