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PromotionBadge compatibility with pipelines


    • GSoC 2019. Coding Phase 1, GSoC 2019. Coding Phase 2, GSoC 2019. Coding Phase 3

      [Note]: Pipeline Steps are not incorporated in this task.

      PromotionBadge class is to be made pipeline compatible:

      Required changes during the course:

      • Refactor the PromotionBadge class
      • Make a new interface analogous to Promotion.java
      • Refactor both ManualCondition and GroovyCondition which are the implementations of buildEnvVars
      • There is a "addPromotionBadge()" pipeline step which demonstrates the compatibility
      • There is is a documentation sample which shows how to use the feature in Pipeline

       Acceptance Criteria:

      • Refactor the PromotionBadge class for pipeline compatibility.
      • Changes made to Groovy+Manual Condition for binary compatibility.
      • Changes made to Promotion and Status classes for binary compatibility.
      • Introduction of a new Interface PromotionRun.
      • Add the "AddPromotionBadge" class for checking on-spot.
      • Unit/Compilation Tests before Merge.

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