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If you do need to escape '$', use '$'.


      1. install the Jenkins Parameterized Trigger plugin (2.35.2)
      2. create a freestyle job
      3. click Add build step
      4. click Trigger/call builds on [sic] other projects
      5. click Add Parameters
      6. click Restrict matrix execution to a subset
      7. click
      8. read the bottom of the help:

      However, Jenkins variable expansion leaves undefined variables as-is, so most of the time your Groovy string line expression syntax will survive the expansion, get passed to Groovy as-is, and work as expected. If you do need to escape '$', use '$'.

      Expected results: the two things should presumably be different.

      The relevant code is:


      If you do need to escape '$', use '$$'. 

      I'm not going to fix this right away. Filing it because I found it while reading the help for everything and I'm punting as I'm not quite sure about the fix.

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