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Impossible to access promotion's console output (navigation is broken from links and breadcrumbs)


      This works fine in Promoted Builds version 3.2, but breaks once you upgrade to 3.3

      Usually, you can access the promotion's console output by:

      • Selecting Build job (for example "Build_Job")
      • Selecting Build Number (for example "#5")
      • Clicking Promotion Status link
      • Picking a promotion from the list (for example "Promo1 > #2")

      This will provide navigation breadcrumbs like:
      Jenkins > Build_Job > #5 > Promotion Status > #2

      At the same time, the URL would be like:

      After upgrading to 3.3

      • The URL remains same, but the UI loops back to the console output of the build, not the console output of the promotion.
      • The breadcrumbs also loop back to the build's console output
        Jenkins > Build_Job > #5 > Promotion Status > #5
      • Instead of seeing console output of "Promo1 > #2", I am seeing console output of "Build_Job > #5" (even though I am in the "Promotion Status" page and selecting promotion's builds)

      It becomes impossible to access Promotion's console output no matter what navigation route you take.

      The promotions actions still seem to happen fine, and the console output can be found directly on the filesystem at:

      Seems like the bug is only in navigation, and the behaviour corrects itself when downgrading to Promoted Builds version 3.2

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