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Browsers not launching through Jenkins


      We are experiencing an issue when running Python Script via Jenkins, the browsers refuse to open up the URL, however, when we run them manually, then it works.

      Pre Requirement:
      Firstly, Need to create a project in Jenkins.
      Next, In the project configuration-> Build section need to add below details.
      For example:-
      cd <Python_Script_Folder_Path>
      python <Python_File_Name>.py

      My Python Sample Script:
      import webbrowser
      import subprocess
      mycmd = r'start chrome /new-tab {}'.format("https://outlook.office.com")
      n2 = subprocess.Popen(mycmd, shell=True, stdin=subprocess.PIPE, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)

      post-execution process:
      Firstly, go to the Jenkins project and click on Build Now option.

      Expected Result:
      Default browser should be open along with given URL.

      The script is running successfully but browser not opening.

      Note: If you run python script via cmd prompt or any IDE works perfectly.

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