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Clarify documentation on selecting project authorization for project/job types



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      The documentation at https://plugins.jenkins.io/authorize-project does a great job describing the global settings and shows the "Authorization" page on a "Project".

      However I do not see an Authorization page on any of my "projects". If I create a "Freestyle project" I can see the "Authorization" link, but for other project types - eg "Multibranch Pipeline" or "Bitbucket Project" I do not see the link. Additionally I do not see such a link inside a "Folder".

      I am going to assume this is an issue with the individual job type needs to be updated to implement authorization - perhaps we need to log a feature request against those types? Additionally I expected a Folder to allow configuration of Authorization that would be inherited by projects contained within, this doesn't seem to be the case.

      I'd like an update to to the documentation on this plugin to help new users (eg me) understand what is happening:

      1. firstly "Projects" seems to be a vague term I assume is synonymous with "job"
      2. Clarify that not all "Project" types may support Authorization
        1. Possibly directing the user to log a bug against their other project types for which Authorization does not occur
      3. Explain how Authorization does or does not pertain to folders (and maybe note if there is an upcoming feature)

      Let me know if that is unreasonable or unclear.



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