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Optionally ignore reconcile permissions errors



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    • Component/s: p4-plugin
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      p4-plugin 1.10.7
      Jenkins 2.176.1
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      If you are using Perforce server version 20141 or earlier P4jenkins uses a memory intensive version of 'p4 reconcile'. This older version skips permissions errors. For example:

      P4 Task: tidying workspace to match have list.
      ... p4 reconcile -n -a -e -d -l -f /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/AutoCleanAnd___ +
      Not able to delete: /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/AutoCleanAndSync/submit/cfg/prod_Release.cfg
      duration: (68ms)

      If you are using a later version of P4D a new streaming reconcile is used that is faster and uses less memory. In this implementation permissions errors fail the build. For example:

      P4 Task: cleaning workspace to match have list
      .... p4 reconcile -f -w /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/AutoCleanAndSync/
      ... +P4 Task: attempt: 1 ERROR: P4: Task Exception: com.perforce.p4java.exception.P4JavaException: com.perforce.p4java.exception.P4JavaException:
       hudson.AbortException: P4JAVA: Error(s): operating system will not 
      allow deletion of file /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/AutoCleanAndSync/submit/cfg/prod_Release.cfg on client.Finished: FAILURE

      Please add a flag that allows the old behavior to be used or the permissions error to be ignored.


      Reproduction Steps:


      (1) Create a freestyle job that syncs a file on Linux.

      (2) Use the following shell script as a build step:

      mkdir -p $WORKSPACE/submit/cfg
      echo "test edit" > $WORKSPACE/submit/cfg/prod_Release.cfg
      chmod ugo-w $WORKSPACE/submit/cfg
      ls -la $WORKSPACE/submit
      ls -la $WORKSPACE/submit/cfg

      (3) Run the build.

      (4) Run the build again. Error will be seen.

      Note: P4 will successfully delete the file but would throw error messages if it needed to update any of the files in this directory. Therefore I have also raised a P4Java bug.

      $ p4 reconcile -w -f ...
      //depot/permissions/submit/cfg/prod_Release.cfg#none - deleted as /filestoreSSD/18.2/ws/permissions/submit/cfg/prod_Release.cfg
      //depot/permissions/toplevel/tst#1 - refreshing /filestoreSSD/Vagrant/Swarm/18.2/ws/permissions/toplevel/tst
      open for write: /18.2/ws/permissions/toplevel/tmp.19271.140538254619008.94: Permission denied



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