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"authenticated" group doesn't work with Authorize Project plugin


      Using Authorize Project plugin I have setting we have "Project Default build Authorization" set to "Run as User who Triggered Build".

      Then I have project roles letting particular users to run specific jobs. To allow said people to also build on the nodes I assign to them Slave role (see assign_roles.png). That Slave role is allowed to build on ".*" nodes (see manage_roles.png). But still when project is triggered from such a user, in the queue a message can be seen:

      > 'myusername' lacks permission to run on 'my-node-name-1'

      My workaround is to allow global Agent/Build permission to everybody but this is not ideal.

      Jenkins 2.190.3
      Authorize Project 1.3.0
      Role-based Authorization Strategy 2.13

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