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Scriptler scripts not available via JobDSL


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    • active-choices-plugin
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    • Jenkins 2.238
      Active Choices Plugin 2.3
      Scriptler Plugin 3.1
      JobDSL Plugin 1.77

      Per the documentation for the Active Choices plugin, both groovy and scriptler scripts are supported. Active Choices Plugin 1.58 supported scriptler both in the UI and via Jenkins DSL. Sometime between that version, and 2.3 it appears that DSL support disappeared, or at least it's now not documented in the API. I can select scriptler scripts when creating a freestyle job via the UI.

      We have some jobs that that make use of the ActiveChoices plugin via DSL that no longer work. Was the lack of DSL support for Scriptler removed and not documented, or is this a bug. If it was removed, what is the latest version that supports configuring scriptler via DSL?

            kinow Bruno P. Kinoshita
            sfuller Steve Fuller
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