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P4_CLIENT environment variable wrong for parallel builds


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    • p4-plugin
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    • Jenkins v2.235.1
      P4 Plugin 1.10.13
      Master and Server on Debian
      Agent on Windows 10
      JAva 8

      I recently upgraded from version 1.9.5, where I didn't see this issue.  I have several FreeStyleBuilds that run on Swarm reviews.  They execute concurrent builds, one per agent.  They use the P4_CLIENT environment variable to find what files are unshelved in the default changelist, but when two builds start at similar times one of them will have the P4_CLIENT variable from the other.

      My client names do not use the executor number because there is only ever one executor, so this is not a duplicate of JENKINS-60213.

      I have managed to reproduce the error with the attached build configuration (server credential name removed).  It has a timer trigger for 1/minute but I had to spam the Build button with two agents connected to the master to get the job to fail.

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