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Hudson Enforcing Unusual Case-Sensitivity for Login


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    • Hudson 1.355 in Tomcat 5.5 running on Windows Server 2003, JRE 1.6, Hudson Active Directory plugin 1.16.

      Under Manage Hudson/Configure System/"Security Realm" I've selected "Active Directory". Hudson is leveraging our organization's Active Directory for user authentication.

      Under "Authorization" I use "Project-based Matrix Authorization Strategy".

      If I log in as "william_leara", everything is fine. If I log in as "William_Leara", I am allowed to log in, but I am missing all permissions specific to me. (e.g. configure slave, configure job, start a build, etc.) It looks like I'm getting "Anonymous" permissions.

      Active Directory is not case-sensitive, so I would expect either "william_leara" or "William_Leara" to work. But the permissions need to be consistent. Alternatively, if there were a technical reason you needed to enforce case-sensitivity, you should disallow "William_Leara" from logging in. It seems broken to me to allow the user to log in, but not grant him his permissions.

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