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Make Hudson user names case insensitive


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      As of now the names of users (id) are case sensitive. Retrieving user "name" and
      "Name" returns different User objects. Each user data is then stored in separete
      folders; "users/name/" and "users/Name". This is fine on linux as files are case
      sensitive, but not so good on Windows as file names are case insensitive.

      On Windows the user "Name" and "name", will be different users but after a
      server restart they will be populated with the same data. It is the same data as
      both user objects has been loaded with data from the "users/name" folder. So
      this means that on Windows, the user objects should be the same as they contain
      the same data.

      The background to this enhancement is that I have two issues reported on the ci-
      game (3990 and 4350). Depending on how people log in to a machine, they will
      have different casing on their user name. This is fine, but the big problem (in
      my eyes) is that Hudson stores two different user's data in one folder. Therefore I think Hudson should treat user names case insensitive, as the users
      is the same person (ie same data after a restart).

      The effect of this change would be small as I dont think there are no hudson
      installations that have users with different casing in their names and still
      would like to make a distinction between them.

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