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RemotingSystemException(InterruptedException) on abort



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      Jenkins brings all the nodes online. A build is started on one of the nodes. Abort the running build, Exception is thrown by hudson.remoting.RemotingSystemException: java.lang.InterruptedException and running process does not receive the the abort signal and continues to run on slave machines.


      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Jenkins brings each node online (see file ssh_connection_node.txt, I am attaching only logs of one node)
      2. On slave node, remoting jar is successfully copied and workspace is created (I see the following folders are created in the jenkins directory - caches, remoting, remoting.jar and workspace)
      3. start a job (Job is configured with pipline script to run python scripts)
      4. Abort a build when job is in progress, Exception is seen on jenkins log console and process wont get interrupted on slave machine. (see file exception.txt)
      5. Attaching the remoting logs generate in slave node(remoting.log.0, remoting.log.0.lck, remoting.log.1, remoting.log.2, remoting.log.3. remoting.log.4)

      It happens on 2 nodes (both running on "Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS).



        1. exception.txt
          8 kB
        2. remoting.log.0
          4 kB
        3. remoting.log.1
          6 kB
        4. remoting.log.4
          4 kB
        5. ssh_connection_node.txt
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