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Eclipse Java Compiler parser seems broken




      I'm trying to use the Eclipse Java Compiler parser to analyze warnings in log files from a headless Eclipse PDE build. Unfortunately, I only get five matches out of a system which I know contain many hundreds of warnings. I have looked at the regexp in the parser class and it might be the ending bracket that gives me the erratic behaviour, although I must admit I cannot decipher exactly what the purpose of that bracket is. An example from my logs will illustrate this better. This excerpt will actually log a warning with the plugin (paths abbreviated for readability):

      3. WARNING in /srv/hudson/workspace/.../ValidationProblemsReporter.java (at line 38)
      	(IStatus[]) results.toArray(new IStatus[results.size()]),
      Type safety: The method toArray(Object[]) belongs to the raw type List. References to generic type List<E> should be parameterized

      whereas this log entry will not:

      4. WARNING in /srv/hudson/workspace/.../Validator.java (at line 7)
      	import org.eclipse.core.resources.ResourcesPlugin;
      The import org.eclipse.core.resources.ResourcesPlugin is never used

      The former entry actually includes an ending bracket and the warning will appear in Hudson like this:

      File: ValidationProblemsReporter.java, Line: 38, Type: Eclipse Java Compiler, Priority: Normal
      ) belongs to the raw type List. References to generic type List should be parameterized

      Now, I cannot be entirely sure that this is a bug or actually some feature which I simply cannot get to work properly, but to me it certainly does not look like the expected output.



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