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Jenkins job getting triggered for every commit made in the repo instead for commits to branch(master)


      Steps to replicate:

      1. Did setup - installing plugin, giving bitbucket instance details with a token in Jenkins --> Manage Jenkins --> Configure System --> Bitbucket Server integration
      2. Created a multi-configuration job and linked with bitbucket repo of master branch to get the code
      3. Create branch(Ex: dev_branch) from a master in the repo and commit any change to the dev_branch


      Job is getting triggered by taking master branch code


      The job should trigger only if there is any new commit to master. However, the job is running for commit made due to dev_branch.
      Running a job with master code even though there are no new changes is not worth it.

      If I select dev_branch in the Job then it should poll for new commits to that branch and trigger.

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