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Jenkins docker image does not gracefully shutdown


      When running the official Jenkins docker image I expect Jenkins to respond to a SIGTERM event from Docker (docker stop) by gracefully shutting down the server.


      If I do this...

      docker run jenkins/jenkins
      # Wait for the container to start

      I would expect Jenkins to shutdown gracefully just like if I'd called <jenkins-url>/stop.  Instead, the container just exits.

      The exact same thing happens if you try using docker stop command.

      This is causing problems for me running Jenkins in AWS ECS.  When I have a new Jenkins container I want to deploy, ECS will issue a stop command to the running container before starting the new container.  The running Jenkins container will not stop gracefully and when the new container starts I have a lock problem because of the previous dirty exit.

      I am marking this as major as this behaviour is deviating from what is documented here. where it says:

      Sending a SIGTERM/SIGINT to Jenkins will trigger a graceful shutdown.




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