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Jira: Create Issue: cannot populate issue priority and id


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      When creating a new job and adding a post-build action "Jira: Create issue" the issue priority and id drop down is not populated.

      I have checked the global configuration and the validation of the settings says "success".

      This results in a NPE when running the build.


      The thing confusing me the most is that we have a job configured in the past which has a working config (even populated fields) and this job successfully creates and comments issues. But it does not work for new configurations.

      The version of Jira in the working config is v3.1.1 (as being said in the config.xml). I tried to role back the Jira plugin to that version but it did not help either.

      I also tried different actions to hopefully see something in the logs. But I did not notice any anomalies.

      When and how should these dropdowns be populated and what could go wrong?

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