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Terminology update for master, whitelist, blacklist


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    • Terminology update for master, slave, whitelist, blacklist

      In July 2020 we  adopted the "controller" term instead of "master", and deprecated the "whitelist/blacklist" terms. There are many places where the old terminology still needs to be replaced.

      For example, deprecated term can be:

      • in UI files, like *.jelly, *.groovy, *.html
      • in logs that ends up in job console, or Jenkins console
      • in cli output
      • HTTP API
      • Documentation, README, code comments

      Changing master in other context (like git or any scm master branch) is out of scope of this Epic.
      We invite contributors to join us and participate in cleaning up Jenkins documentation, Web and CLI interfaces, and the codebase.

      Deprecated term To be replaced by
      master built-in when used for node/label
      controller (for everything else)
      slave agent (please use https://issues.jenkins.io/browse/JENKINS-42816 )
      whitelist allowlist (default but can be adapted to context)
      blacklist denylist or blocklist (default but can be adapted to context)

      If you are working on slave/agent replacement please use https://issues.jenkins.io/browse/JENKINS-42816

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