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Bitbucket Server Integration vs. concurrent builds


      I would like to use the Bitbucket Server Integration (BSI) plugin with concurrent builds in Jenkins. Bitbucket and Jenkins are set up according to the setup guide for BSI, and building of individual pushes to Bitbucket works fine.

      However I would like to do concurrent builds, so I've enabled "Execute concurrent builds if neccesary" for the Jenkins project.

      These are my observations:

      1: If I push two independent branches to Bitbucket shortly after each other, Jenkins builds the first branch, but the second branch isn't built until the first build completes. Ideally, both should start building right away, if there are available executors.

      2: If I push three independent branches to Bitbucket almost at the same time, Jenkins builds the first branch, but does not launch more builds until first build is done. When done, four more builds start in parallel, two for each of the two leftover branches. I.e. the last two commits are each built twice instead of once, which is of course waste of build server bandwidth. I've also seen only the last commit being built twice, while the middle commit wasn't built at all. Not sure what the difference is.

      My simple hope is that each build is started right away as long as there are available executors - and of course, that no duplicate builds will happen.

      I have a workaround, using another trigger plugin combined with a parameterized build. But that won't let me post build status with an active link to Jenkins back to Bitbucket.

      I hope you will be able to take a look at this.

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