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Jobs created by multibranch poll wrong server after git server configuration change




      I have upgraded a multibranch job to point to a new git server. We moved from bitbucket.org to an on-premise bitbucket server. The multibranch job indexing correctly uses the new git server address and all the existing jobs created by the multi-branch job correctly pull updates from the new git server address. But each job is also configured to poll their git servers for changes and this polling very stubbornly refuses to use the new server, but still polls bitbucket.org. The config in the jenkinsfile looks like this: pollSCM(ignorePostCommitHooks: true, scmpoll_spec: (JOB_NAME =~ /release/ ? 'H H(1-6) * * *' : '')). I have tried restarting jenkins to clear in-memory caches and I have looked through all the files in /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/<job-name> to see if I can find a reference to bitbucket.org. The only places I find it are in old builds log from before the switch to the on-premise bitbucket server. I also deleted the content of /var/lib/jenkins/caches/ as an experiment.


      Why is git scm polling for multibranch created jobs using the old server when everything else works as it should?



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