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Improve Github plugin to work only with Github Deploy Keys


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    • github-plugin
    • Jenkins 2.277.4
      Github plugin 1.33.1

      Github supports the creation of per-project Deploy Keys, which are just ssh public+private keys. Jenkins can use these with Multibranch Pipeline project with the "Git" Branch Source.

      However this setup does not work with Github webhooks, provided by the Github plugin, (`/github-webhook/` url) as the Github plugin requires username+password credentials to work.

      There should be a way to configure a Multibranch Pipeline project to accept Github webhooks with only having a per-project ssh keys (Github Deploy Key).

      Current known workarounds: Don't use webhooks and simply configure the project to pull for SCM changes every minute.

            lanwen Kirill Merkushev
            garo Juho
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