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Discarded buildWithParameters request with the same parameters still returns HTTP 201


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      When I use the buildwithparameters api, I need to submit multiple build requests at one time, the parameters of these requests are the same. I just want to queue up and build slowly.

      But the phenomenon is:

      Jenkins has only one request under building, one request in the queue, abandoning all other requests.

      I can understand that Jenkins does not want requests with the same parameters to queue repeatedly.

      The point is that each request returns HTTP 201 status code, this led me to think that all the requests were created and queued.

      But requests that are discarded or considered duplicate by Jenkins are not actually created. 

      HTTP is a stateless protocol. It returns 201, but it is a task created by a previous request. This is unreasonable.

      Expect:  If the request is not real created, please return the appropriate http status code.


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