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Merging The plug-ins into one


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    • jenkins version: 2.289.2
      matrix-auth version : 2.6.8
      role-strategy version : 3.1.1

      Hi, As I tested what plugin would be best for authorization. I found that these two plug-ins : 
      "matrix-auth" and "role-strategy" complete each other.

      For example, if the "matrix-auth" plug-in would be able to manage roles it would make it much easier to use it and perform authorization in a large jenkins .
      I am struggling with managing a large jenkins and setting the right permissions per user instead of per role.

      And when I tried the "role-strategy" plug-in I saw that I miss the option to set per folder or any jenkins item the permissions I would like the roles to have there. The "role-strategy" is missing low-level permissions which the "matrix-auth" does give.


      My request for improvement is to merge the two plug-ins into one really good which covers all the required things for authorization.


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