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A bug while saving the configuration form prevents fingerprinting as a promotion action


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    • promoted-builds-plugin
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    • Hudson 1.359, Promoted Builds Plugin 1.7, Ubuntu 10.4, Firefox and Opera.

      I am trying to fingerprint a file (date.txt) when a job gets promoted. I added a promotion action to do it and entered "date.txt" in the fingerprinting form that gets created into the promotion box.
      This file is different from the file I fingerprint as a post-build task (revision.txt)
      The problem is: only one setup of the fingerprinting form is saved when I submit my job configuration.
      In other words: if I reload the configuration, the file date.txt appears both in the promotion action fingerprinting form (which is right) and in the post-build fingerprinting form (which is wrong: it should be revision.txt).

      Here is my setup:
      I have 4 jobs:

      • MainTask
      • SubTask1
      • SubTask2
      • DailyRelease

      The first 3 jobs are fingerprinting a file with a revision number (revision.txt), and MainTask gets promoted if both SubTask1 and SubTask2 succeed (and if the fingerprint of their revisions matches).
      If MainTask gets promoted, it should fingerprint a file containing the date (date.txt).

      The last job runs once a day, and always fingerprints a file containing the date (date.txt). It gets promoted if MainTask is successful (and if the fingerprint of their dates matches).

      The purpose of this setup is to have a hierarchical promotion process that returns only one promoted release per day. It was the first idea I came with when I thought about how to achieve such a promotion process.
      I don't know if there are easier ways to do it, but I think the principle it good. It should work, but this bug is preventing it.

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